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SilverLine Test Cables & Assemblies

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Coax Test Cables
For: High Volume Production Test Stations, Research & Development Labs,
Environmental & Temperature Test Chambers, Replacement for OEM Test Port Cables,
Field RF Testing, Cellular Infrastructure Site Testing
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Features and Benefits:

·   Phase & Loss Stable
·   Long Flex Life
·   Triple Shielded Cable
·   High Mating Cycle, Stainless Steel Connectors
·   Rugged, Solder/Solder Attachment
·   Redundant, Long Life Strain Relief System

SilverLine® Test Cables are cost effective, durable, high-performance cable assemblies designed for use in a broad range of test and interconnect applications. Fabricated from rugged, solid PTFE dielectric cable with stainless steel connectors and a proven strain relief system, these cables provide long life and excellent stability in applications where they are repeatedly flexed and mated/unmated. SilverLine® test cables areideal for use in production, field and laboratory test environments. They are also economical enough to be used as interconnects in test systems.

Clarity™ Test Cables

SilverLine® General Purpose Test Cables Brochure

SilverLine®-LP Low PIM Test Cables, Loads and Adapters

SilverLine®-LPA Low PIM Adapters

SilverLine®-DAS Low PIM Test Cables

SilverLine®-VNA Network Analyzer Test Cables 50 & 67 GHz

SilverLine®-VNA Network Analyzer Test Cables 110 GHz

SilverLine®-SF Super Flexible Test Cables

SilverLine®-XF Thin, Extra Flexible Test Cables

SilverLine®-LL Low Loss Test Cables

SilverLine®-75 75 Ohm Test Cables

SilverLine® TuffGrip Cell Site Test Cables

BronzeLine™ Test Cables